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Health (also known as HP, which can be short for: health pool or health points) represents the life force of a unit. When a unit`s current health reaches 0, it dies. Every hero has a base health pool of 200. This value is even for all heroes and cannot be altered. This means a hero`s maximum health cannot drop below that value. Be that as it may, a hero`s health pool gets bigger for every Strength attribute symbol.png strength Strength is the attribute that grants health and health regeneration. For each point of strength a hero gets: 20 Health 0.06 Health regeneration Additionally, strength heroes also get 1 attack damage per strength point. To dota2 point they have. Each point of strength increases a hero`s health by 20. Since every hero has some base strength and gain strength as they level up, their health pool gets bigger the higher their level is. A hero`s base strength cannot drop below 1, be that as it may, it is possible to reach 0 with the help of negative bonus strength.

Note: Although gaining/losing strength usually does not increase a hero`s current health, some abilities which grant/reduce strength are coded so that they also increase/reduce current health, instead of only maximum health.


Green bar shows Health. Right number is health regeneration.

The health of a unit is displayed in the game world. It also is displayed again in the HUD Play “Singing trio.” It has been suggested that this article or section be split into multiple new articles. Reason given: The shop should get its own page Discussion to support or oppose the split should be dota2 upon selecting a unit.


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HUD health bar

The 3 different colors of health bars: Green for allies, red for enemies and (spectators only) ocre for neutral creeps.
In Colorblind mode, all HUD health bars are turned blue.

Health of the selected allied unit is displayed in the HUD as a green bar at the bottom of the screen, and as a red bar for enemy (including neutral) units. Also, in spectator mode, neutral creeps Neutral creeps are a type of creep not controlled by any player. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of gold and experience. Neutral creeps appear in small camps dota2 (including Roshan For Roshan as he appears in holiday events, see Roshan (Diretide 2012) and Roshan (Diretide 2013) Roshan Ancient Jungle Creep Level 30 Health 5500 Health regeneration 20 Armor 15 Magic resistance 55% Attack damage 65 dota2 ) have an ocre colored health bar. The left number is the unit`s current health points and the right number is its maximum health pool. Though not displayed in the HUD, a unit`s total health does use decimal numbers. The visible numbers in the HUD are always rounded up.

The health regeneration value is only visible on the hero, creep-hero and building health bars in the HUD. The regen from other units is not visible. Though the HUD shows only one decimal for health regeneration, it uses more decimals. The value in the HUD is rounded up.

Over-head health bar

Pudge with six different amounts of health.

The health bar in the game world are displayed right above every unit`s head. Just like the health bar in the HUD, the bar is green when it`s an allied unit and red when it`s an enemy unit (including neutral creeps). For spectators, neutral creeps` bar color is ocre. In colorblind mode, allied overhead healthbars are blue, and in "Differentiate Ally Healthbars" mode, allied overhead healthbars are ocre.

In addition to the healthbar, there are white brackets on each side. The brackets are used in-order to clarify the edges of the health bar to the user.

There are 4 different types of health bars: Hero, creep-hero, building and creep health bars. In the game map, all allied units display a green health bar above their head, while enemy units display a red health bar above their head. Heroes have larger health bars with lines in them to make it easier to determine their exact amount of health. By default, health bars for heroes display a thin line for every 250 health and a thick line for every 1000 health a hero has. There is an option to display a number above the health bar of a player`s own hero. This number turns yellow when the current health is lower than two fifths (40%) of maximum health, and red if current health is lower than one fifth (20%) of maximum health. Most of these health display options can be configured to personal preference by using Console Commands This is a list of console commands in Dota 2, based-on Dota 2 GC version 1366 (4338 total convars/concommands). Note: Commands with "Yes" in "Cheat?" column require sv_cheats 1 to be active before working. Contents .

Health bars
Heroes health bar.png
Hero   Main   Mechanics   Attributes Table   Release Dates   Grid Layout     Heroes are the essential element of Dota 2, as the course of the match is dependent on their intervention. During dota2 health bars are bright green or red and segmented by lines to make it easier to guess their health values. By default, their health bars display a thin line for every 250 health and a thick line for every 1000 health. There is an ingame option to display the exact health number above the health bar of the player`s own hero. This number turns yellow when the hero`s health drops below 40%, and red when below 20%.
Creep-heroes health bar.png
Creep-heroes have an identical health bar as heroes, with the only difference being a darker green and red tone. The ingame option to display the health number does not display the health of creep-heroes.
Creeps health bar.png
Creeps Creeps are basic units in Dota 2. Every unit which is not a hero, building, ward or courier is considered a creep. Creeps can belong to either faction, be neutral, or be player-controlled units. Unlike dota2 have a smaller health bar with a slightly darker green and red tone (though not darker than creep-heroes` health bar). The "Differentiate Ally Healthbars" setting turns allied bars ocre.

Neutral creeps have ocre colored health bars for spectators only. Roshan`s health bar is bigger and uses a bright red (ocre for spectators) color.
Couriers health bar.png Couriers Couriers may refer to: Animal Courier Flying Courier Custom Courier Play “One divided against its Self cannot stand.” This disambiguation page lists articles with a similar title or acronym. If an internal link led you here, health bars are bright green or red and slightly thicker than creep health bars. They also have the default courier icon on the left side of the bar.
Ancients health bar.png
Both ancients have a very large health bar with bright colors. The bar and their borders are thicker.
Barracks health bar.png
Barracks have long health bars with bright colors.
Towers health bar.png
Towers have short health bars with bright colors.
Misc buildings health bar.png
Miscellaneous buildings have very short health bars with dark colors.
Colorblind mode
This mode turns allied health bars blue. Enemy health bars are still red.
Heroes health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant hero health bars turn from bright green into bright blue. Everything else (health segments etc) stay unchanged.
Creep-heroes health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant creep-hero health bars turn from dark green into dark blue. Everything else (health segments etc) stay unchanged.
Creeps health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant creep bars turn from dark green into dark blue.
For spectators, neutral creeps health bars turn from ocre to teal.
Couriers health bar colorblind.png Allied/Radiant courier health bars turn from bright green into dark blue.
Ancients health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant ancient health bar turn from bright green into bright blue.
Barracks health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant barracks health bars turn from bright green into bright blue.
Towers health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant towers health bars turn from bright green into bright blue.
Misc buildings health bar colorblind.png
Allied/Radiant miscellaneous building health bars turn from dark green into dark blue.

Modifying health

Some heroes, units ( neutral creeps Neutral creeps are a type of creep not controlled by any player. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of gold and experience. Neutral creeps appear in small camps dota2 and summoned units This page is about in-game units. For cosmetic pets, see Summoned Unit. Summons are a type of units that are created with spells. Players do not encounter them, unless they play as, with or against dota2 ) and items have abilities that can affect the health pool of a, or multiple units.

Current health increasing abilities

Increasing a unit`s current health is most commonly known as Healing a unit. Healing cannot increase the unit`s health beyond its maximum health pool. Spells may apply a burst of heal on a target, which restore an amount of health in an instance, or heal the target over time, where the amount is split up in multiple instances. The difference between a heal and regeneration is that a heal is independent from the regeneration ticks. Unlike regeneration, their heal intervals can vary. A heal is not reflected in the regeneration number on the health bar.

There are several other abilities which are able to increase a unit`s current health, but these effects do not count as healing. This means, similar to how damage flagged as @@@#@@@HP( Removal Damage is any means by which unit s current health can be reduced. Heroes, creeps, ancients, Roshan and fountains are all capable of dealing damage. Contents 1 Damage sources 1.1 Attack damage 1.2 Spell damage 2 does not react on on-damage effects, these abilities fully ignore abilities which react on healing, like Ice Blast, False Promise, Tether, and Assimilate.

The following abilities are able to increase unit`s current health:

Healing abilities


To calculate a hero`s hit points, use the following formula:

(Strength Growth ⃗ (Current Level - 1) → rounded down) + (Base Strength) + (Bonus Strength) ⃗ 20 = HP from Strength + 200 = Total HP

Hit Point Regeneration

Hit Point Regeneration, (also known as HP Regen and Health Regen), is a stat that determines the amount of health a hero regenerates per second. It is shown as a number with a + sign on the right side of the health bar.
Heroes regain health every second equal to their base rate (0.25 is the standard for most heroes), plus 0.03 for every point of Strength, plus any bonuses from items and skills. Hit Point Regeneration is not capped, however the HUD won`t show any HP Regen over +1000 HP per second.

Base Hit Point Regeneration

All heroes have a base hit point regeneration rate of 0.25 except for the following heroes:
Heroes Base Hit Point Regeneration