Assault, sometimes referred to as Two Point Capture, is a Game Mode There are currently three stand-alone as well as one hybrid Game Modes available in Overwatch. A new mode has been added in the beta in Feb., 2016. 1] Contents 1 Escort 2 Assault 3 Hybrid in which the attacking and defending teams must attempt to take or defend capture points across the map Overwatch featuresSpecial attraction several different maps. Each supports a particular game mode. Additional maps will be released as free post-launch content in future updates. Contents 1 Assault maps 2 Escort maps 3 Hybrid maps 4 Control . Defenders always have the same spawnpoint, whether defending the first or second point, while the attacker`s spawn changes depending on the point they are attempting to capture. It should be noted that every Assault map has an almost-immediate choke point, and that the defenders` spawn is just behind the second point, making the second push just as difficult as breaking the choke.



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Temple of Anubis

Volskaya Industries